VNTU International

International Network Global Federation of Vietnamese Teachers Union (VNTU International) is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation as defined by Swiss Civil Code art. 60 ss. located in the heart of UN headquartes. Our mission is to promote quality education through providing learning resources to the Vietnamese teaching communities worldwide. We work with international organisations, higher education institutions, NGO and other UN Agencies who support the human rights principles on Free speech and Free Education for All. Our International Team of Vietnam Experts are nationals or foreign individuals whose expertise bring an added value to our educational agenda.
ServicesEducation, Services related to Capacity building for Vietnamese Teaching Professionals. Our training programmes aim at promoting Ethics Education and Vietnamese Studies for both local and international teaching professionals.
Company backgroundOriginally set up in 2018 by a group of teachers and researchers on Vietnam, led by the Institute for Viet-US and Globalisation Studies (IVU), a non-profit organisation registered under Section 501 c. 3 of the US IRC 1986, VNTU International is now having its International Secretariat Office in Geneva, with outreach to Vietnamese Teachers Unions worldwide.
International Secretariat in GenevaPresident Mdm Michelle Duong (USA.), Dr Anh Tho Andres (Secretary General) and Dr Khan Hoang (Treasurer). Our financial resources come from donations, membership fees, and training services to members. email: int@vntu.internatinal
Collaboration OpportunitiesWe seek funding partner and implementing partners and experts for our programmes which include
1) Research opportunities on Vietnamese Culture and Applied Ethics in the Vietnamese Context, in collaboration with a team of experts worldwide.
2) Recognising the needs in intercultural communication and knowledge in international practices for integration to the global economy of Vietnamese workers, we provide bi-lingual training solutions for online delivery to teachers and training institutions at low cost.
3) Our skill building programs include courses in English proficiency, IT literacy, Media Literacy, International Business Practices for Vietnamese workers who consider joining the global workforce.
Product short descriptionThese programmes are designed to serve our members at VNTU International
1) Capacity Building for Vietnamese Teachers
2) Certification Pathway Programmes for Vietnamese
3) Skills Development for sustainable and successful learning
The course on Success Learning Strategies is now open for self-enrolment to teachers and offered for FREE for VNTU Members.
Pricing SBI “training programmes”1) Capacity Building for Teachers. UP: USD 50-150 per participant.
2) Certification Pathways for Teachers.  UP: USD 2000-3900 per group of 5.
3) Skills Development with coach UP: USD 150-250 per unit per group of 3-5.
Conditions (organised courses for group and online delivery preferred)
Outcome ImpactThe Ethics education will create awareness on ethical values that help to reduce misconduct among teachers and students in schools and empower social cohesion through awareness of moral education in Vietnam. Estimated 100 trainees per year. The certification pathway will equip students the capacity to seek scholarship to finance their studies in all disciplines. This program will bring the necessary cashflow for capacity building of the community of VNTU teachers.
The Skills development training is a tailored program that help students/learners to adjust their career plan to their own capacities, or to build more capacities to cope with the career plan (depending on the students’ priorities).
Our added valueOnline learning, English writing and speaking skills are among the most needed skills by teachers and students alike. The teachers training will benefit more to the students at large, as the Vietnamese public school network does not require English skills from teachers, and consequently teachers do not have the resources to upgrade their skills on their own, and thus lag out on learning resources that are mostly available in English for the rest of the free world. With our capacity building programme, learners will know about their rights and obligations and pass it on to students and staff, thereby creating a chain reaction in the social environment and living conditions, as ethical behaviour will be improved. Adequate professional competences will help workers to get better paid jobs with foreign investors, which in turn will boost the Vietnamese economy for better living standards. The certification pathways programme will help reduce the private household in their budget for education of their children with a better quality education at a lesser price. A better learning environment will reduce drop outs and crime rates among youth due to unemployment and on the increased awareness on ethical principles as a whole.

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