Solutions for Online Teachers

Knowing that the immediate needs of the Vietnamese youth is mainly mobile users with needs on english-vietnamese content from open source, we think the third component will add value to the efforts to encourage elearning in an affordable way.

Through a preliminary market research, the total potential target market of iphone users in South East Asia is 512 million users. We aim to get a market share of 35% of this market which is   with a potential revenue of USD 1.29 billion. This requires enhancing sales personnel capacity as well as bandwith capacity and more professional service personnel to cope with the growing market share.

For over ten years, we have developed an integrated system that combines the usage of open source Moodle, LMS services, conferencing and chat to help colleges and universities to manage their students.

SBI-ABS Open Access E-Learning platform is developed in collaboration with experts in education, using open source education content and online conference systems to organize webinars and live chats in one click, without leaving the virtual classroom.

Our recommendated mobile solutions for certification pathways

ABS-SBI LMS with content for 20 bi-lingual modules for MBA candidates

BBB Video conference call with your own brand and identity embedded into Moodle classroom

SBI-ABS Open Access E-learning platform

Collaboration opportunities – financial investors seeked

We are looking for investors or partners to promote our products to the above markets.

Estimated revenue based on potential market share for ASIAN Markets

ASIAN Learners on the Education1512 Million
 ABS market share @ 50%2256 Million
 Total ABS Mobile Education @ 50%3128 Million
 Estimated Market Value for ABS
 Total Mobile Education per Year256 Million
 Average Mobile Education/Course Price4$29
ABS Total Annual Mobile Education Sales~$3.7 Billion
 ABS Annual Operating Expenses @ 35%~$1.29 Billion

Interested parties, please get in touch with ABS International for a demo session
Dr Anh Tho Andres, based in Switzerland,
WhatsApp: +41-76-571-6994

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