Tham khảo bài luận xin học bổng Mỹ 1

Bài luận xin học bổng Mỹ 1

  1. 1.      Explain your career aspiration and your educational plan to meet these goals.

My career aspiration is to do business in the marketing and advertisement field. I always want to open my own advertising company and to create excellent ways and products of advertisement.

Working in the advertising feel is not a momentary passion. It was my biggest interest since I was a small child. I can draw beautifully. I am also sensitive to deal with trade while helping my parents with our family’s company. I learn to draw and to speak English for years. My parents often teach me and my sister to deal with business matters in our advertising company.

Americans are the best business man today. They own the biggest companies all over the world. They create many products that impress all people. The way they operate and expand company is learn by other country. For these reasons, I want to go to study in America. I want to learn from Americans. I want to find out how they are so successful like this. I believe that my choice of ASS in Business Management and Marketing is right and it will help me to create my own successful career as many Americans do.

  1. Explain how you have helped your family or made your community a better place to live. Please provide specific examples.

I am working part-time for my family’s design and printing company. I study in the morning and work in the afternoon and sometimes in the evening if necessary. My responsibilities are designing upon customer’s requests. I am also the accountant and administration manager. I calculate revenue and cost and control over the service sales. I think I am doing well with my job. I usually receive good comment from my colleague and my neighbor. My parents don’t compliment me but I know them proud of me. I am very happy because I am an useful person. I can share life difficulties and challenge with my parents.

I still remember the first oversea customer of our company. He is American – he is the director of a big mass communication company. He wanted to hire us to design and print a package of advertising materials. No one in our company can talk to him. Due to language barrier, my parents cannot understand his requests. The company was losing customer. I was the person who talked to this customer and finally signed the contract with him. He was very happy with our service because our price is reasonable. From that time, I become the translator and interpreter for our company. I was also assigned to deal with foreigner customer.

I become the interpreter and translator for my parent’s company with their proud. My parents have invested a lot of money for me to learn English. In summer 2011, my parents allow me to register to a cultural exchange tour to America. Unfortunately I was refused to get the visa. My parents and I were also shock. I didn’t understand all the questions of the ambassador.

My parents didn’t blame anything on me but I am very sad. This is the first time in my life that I feel so disappointed of myself like this. I decided I must improve my English. I still keep the plan to go to study in America. I decided to get up after failure. This is a very important lesson to me.

I devoted effort to study English. Thanks to my family and my friends. My cousin brother teaches me grammar. My girlfriend practices speaking English with me every day. I also learn by myself and listen to CNN and BBC every evening. At present, I feel more confidence with my English skills. I decided to register to study at Lane Community College and I believe that I will not fail this time again.

  1. Describe a significant change or experience that has occurred in your life. How did you respond and what did you learn about yourself from that experience?

My greatest success made a change-over in my own thinking and way of life afterward began from an antagonistic fighting match when I was 7 years old. I was the weakest fighter in my martial class so I was always bullied by the big but dense boys.

When you fall down, you have to stand up to prove. I did that. In long time tried, I found out the way to be successful and I knew my ability is limitless. Firstly, the win thinking is the only aim for me to reach and made me never stop working. In my mind, I have to win whoever the enemies, whatever cases and whichever the rules. Secondly, the determinations are keys if you want to be successful, passion help you work hard. When I got a target, determination and passion came to me as nature. I feel that I can work without tired. Last necessary thing is lucky, a must behind each success. It can change from the worst to the best, from impossible to possible and from believable to unbelievable.

5. Tell us about your paid work history. What jobs have you held in the past five years and how many hours did you work each job? What were you main responsibilities? List any special accomplishment.

I am working part-time for my parents’ company. A company operates in design and printing area. I am sales, translator, interpreter and transporter. However my main responsibilities are translator and transporter.

Improving speaking English need so many elements, the most important thing is practicing with International people who can speak English. My paid job gave me the opportunity to improve my speaking skills.

Doing a part – time job, I have chances to learn about business and how to work with confidence; honor and a little pressure. A translator have to work professional, polite and keen thinking to make a good duels to owner, good price to customer. I have to translate everything customer talked with easy way to owner, report the cost, describe ideas, give customer some options and take the responsibility. Look easy but not. Responsibility is the most stressful because if I translate wrong, deals will be broke, my parents lost money, I lost my confidence and customer waste time. Every word is gold, ingenious translating will make big deals, too honestly will lost jobs.

Transporter has a little different, less stressful but on time is mostly important in this work because the foreigners are really strict in time. Beside I have to be careful when bring the materials. I must wear nice clothes, good conduct and always smile. They are useful to get tips.

My job is to deal with a number of international customers. On average I work 5 hours a week.

6. besides working and attending classes, what activities are you involved with? Is there a special passion you have for these activities? Summarize time spent on each activity. Highlight leadership roles, special accomplishment or recognition received.

Thanks to the job at our parents’ company, I got to know the Finland Ambassador when he is our customer. He was impressed by my attitude and my service. We become small and old friends. I sometimes help him to buy some necessary things and show him around some interesting place in Hanoi. I want to be his friend but he insisted on paying me a little allowance.

This made me truly happy. It is not because of money. It is because I got a very special friend. I can learn a lot from him. We usually met once a week in Saturday afternoon or he can call me when he wants to meet me. We talk about each other and about Viet Nam and Finland. We try to find some interesting things in common and some different things between the two countries. I also help him to buy things which he cannot find the place to buy in Hanoi. We are both glad to be each other friends.

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