Tham khảo bài luận xin học bổng du học Mỹ 2

Bài luận xin học bổng du học Mỹ 2

1)      Explain your career aspirations and your education plan to meet these goals? (153 words)

I always have a dream to study inUSAand become a successful business like my father. This thing comes from my passion and the family encouragement. I was recognized that since I was a little girl, the “seller” was always my first choice while my brother changed his “jobs” from driver, customer,…to super man during the time we played toys together. My parents had to sell anything they could during our difficult days before. They went up at the needy countryside which had no electricity until I was 2 (1996). Although, now, they have  factory where produce compact lamps and have enough family budget  but I still want to gain this scholarship to like a motivation to try my best when I am a small part of your College before transfer to an University. Then, help my parents company with the knowledge I get . I will make them proud of me.

2) Explain how you have helped your family or made your community a better place to live. Provide specific examples.

I’m not sure to say that I have enough “power” to help my community and my family becomes a better place. It doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything good. At school, I was ardent to take part in extracurricular activities to propagate about environment protection, traffic accidents or smoking by cycling, running around central’s streets. The slogans were printed on our T-shirts made looker enhance their consciousness. We also picked up trash and encourage insides ourselves family. On the other hand, I help my parents in household chores, hard-learning or even solved family troubles. They usually discuss together about their business, sometimes, argument. Dispirited, however, I try to make them have more connection by simple things as dinner together, told in confidence with both even depend on my grand for their mediation. As a result, after all these things, my family still happy together and people are more conscious with what they did because of the propagation time where I was a small part.

3) Describe a personal accomplishment and the strengths and skills you used to achieve it. (170 words)

Every relationship has its problems even between two best friends. Tra – my best friend had an unsympathetic view about indigent people who live in countryside but I don’t. My childhood was associated with beautiful summer vacations besides my grand, brother and cousins. The memories with kites, climbing tree, chasing chicken.. even helped my grand harvest litchis still green on me. That’s what I told her about the things she had never experienced. I tried to make her more open-hearted by her big attachment with her idols – the one also established her business from difficulty in a poverty area. Equally important, 50 years ago our nations still sunk deep in the wars, the previous generations include our families had to go through the years of deprivations, famines. Our ancestors have a saying “He, who laughs last, last best”. All these things had awake Tra to recognize herself wrong thinking. Finally, she said “Yes” at my suggestion to go to camping at the suburbs around our city, not boring dinner, cinema or shopping.

4) Describe a significant change or experience that has occurred in your life. How did your respond and what did you learn about yourself from that experience?

It like a humorous story but thanks to a book my life changed dramatically. “Sage women” is that book’s title. They teach me about life style, man and the relationships. Everything should be in sufficient level. I used to be enthusiastic with some people but I gave back nothing even a saying “Thanks” or their sympathy. Once time, I couldn’t help my friend when she hadn’t enough money to pay the bunch of flowers for her mother in Women day while I took all my money to my cousin lent, who is dissipated, no work and had some impolite words. The book recommend: “Do not give your generosity and your enthusiasm for those who do not appreciate and deserve”. Since then I learned the way to “give” and “take”, right people at the right time.

5) Tell us about your paid work history. What jobs have you held in the past five years ago and how many hours did you work each jobs? What were your main responsibilities? List any special accomplishments or recognition.

I didn’t do any paid work before, but I found the way to create work for myself. It is make use of special festivals. Lunar New Year is the biggest traditional holidays of our nation in the year. It’s believed that “salt” will bring to people who buy it a lucky year and the seller is the ones who bring to others luckily. Not much people sell salt because of their psychological shame but I don’t. Another reason that salt is sold extremely profitable and the buyer prefer young seller like me than old ones. Besides, Valentine, Mid-Autumn- the festival for children, also, with flower and balloon were sold, respectively. Sometimes, the unsuccessful made me dispirited. “Easy come, easy go” that my ideal of life. So, I would rather do what I love than standing a place wait life pass day by day..

6) Besides working attending classes, what activities are you involved with? Is there a special passion you have for these activities? Summarize time spent on each activity. Highlight leadership roles, special accomplishments or recognition received. (169 words)

Free time is the time for my individual passions. If not for the future, the job opportunities and my passion with business, I believe I will be a small girl with many geographical equipments go along my beautiful country to survey and measure. Sometimes, when you look at the map, you’ll find many things from land features, terrains,.. even some nations you never hear before. I’m confident with my knowledge, so I always be the class’s representative to attend the competitive examinations at school.  Learning about religions is my another hobby, the more enigmatic, the more curious It brings to me. Each nationality as a color in numberless colors of the palette which makes the life more pleasant by itself differences. Moreover, in every weekend, I often spend 2-3 hours to playing badminton with my friends. The second badminton prize at district public sports at secondary school is one of the most memorable in my student’s life. I love and willing to participate in every clubs, not only study ..

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